Chicago interview decisions.

Did they give a reason? Very strange to hear this. I don't your case, but my understanding is that even folks applying from good countries have a chance at getting help to fight their case. My advice is that see whats making them reject your case. Most pro bono lawyers would take the case, regardless of the merits of the case. If there is something fundamentally flawed with your case, that is no reason for them to reject you. If the flaw they are seeing is too big, consider moving forward with your case, minus the flaw somehow. Good luck!
Thank you for the encouragement. To answer your question, after the interview in the Chicago AO, the IO told me to go back two weeks after for the decision.

I keep looking for an attorney, but so far no one wanted to take my case. After an intake interview, they all told me that they did not have the capacity to take my case. I am lost now not knowing what to do. I cannot afford a private attorney at the moment. i will have the second master hearing in Sept 2019 because i did not have a legal representation in the first master hearing. it was like automatic that the judge wanted us to come back with an attorney. i might have to represent myself during the second master hearing.

based on the first hearing, those with an attorney got assigned their individual hearing dates in jan 2022! that is insanely a long time to wait for a hearing.
That means people are getting individual hearing after 3 years?? Really?
LIFO systems working??

How about other guys?