Can't find speeding ticket which happened long time ago


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I am preparing to fill N-400. in 2010, i lived in Louisiana and when traveled to Texas and got 1 speeding tickets. After that, i called and paid it in full. Now, i need to find the information of that ticket to fill in the form. But i dont remember exactly in what city and county i got that ticket . I have tried to call to different cities: houston, dallas, san antonio, austin and their counties in order to ask if they still have record of my ticket but they couldn't find it. Could you please tell me what should i write in the N400 form Or i should just ignore it?


Ignore it, not needed. It was in 2010, you can write in your form you had a speeding ticket and it's not a big deal. (unless a felony speeding, i.e. over 100 mph or accident involved causing bodily injury)