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Discussion in 'Family Sponsorship' started by ghegie, Aug 22, 2011.

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    I'm a Canadian living here in the US (had severed my canadian residential ties). I'm thinking of marrying my fiancee who is a citizen of other country (not US nor Canada), and resides there. Once we get married, can I apply her a Canadian Permanent Residence status in Canada? since she's married to a Canadian Citizen even though I resides here in the states?

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    thanks triple. yes, i read it somewhere and just want to confirm it. just wondering if the rules to her will be the same as that of regular landed immigrants/skilled immigrants (residency requirements, etc.)......something to plan in the future since i'm on temporary work permit here in the states (TN).
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    Her residency requirements will be different. After completing her landing requirments, she can stay in the US as long as she accompanies her Canadian spouse (you). Her premanent resident status will remain intact.

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    wow, thanks triple! at least we have an options now if ever something happens to y status here...

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