Can you build a remote-working tech startup under an eb5 visa?

Could this be possible by
1. Hiring 10 people
2. Paying them the amount required to maintain the visa validity (as salaries), over a period of time out of my pocket and profits


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Interesting question. I don’t know the answer but obviously a remote job cannot qualify for the targeted employment area classification, meaning you’d have to make a capital commitment of $1.8m (plus of course meet all the other requirements regarding business plans, full time job hours etc).


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I believe you might to contact respective SWA (state workforce agency) to get determination whether any geographic location falls under TEA. Economists are also authorized to give TEA determinations. I am assuming you still might to regard one specific location like company headquarters + allowed to provide services from unanticipated locations nationwide same as done in roving employees for PERM. Present your case before SWA or economists see what they have to advise.