Can I Still Get A Green Card Through My Siblings After An Entry Ban Expires?

Discussion in 'Family Based Green Card -Through Marriage/Relative' started by Laudawa, Nov 21, 2017.

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    Like you’ve been told, provide all the information with regards to your stay in the US, regardless of whether or not you were a minor whe the illegal/overstay occurred.

    You’re not being punished for anything. You’re simply paying the price of your willful decision to live in the US illegally. And I think you need to grow up and take responsibility for YOUR actions and stop blaming everyone else in your life. Your parents or grandparents are not responsible for your ban. YOU are!
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    1998-2003 - that's 5 years, and 2006-2010, that's 4 years = 9 years out of status. I got a 10-year ban. On January 2, 2018 I will have been living and working in Canada for 8 years. So that takes care of 8 out of the 9 years I was in the States out of status as an adult. I will require a waiver until 2020, that's two years. So I'm still okay with what happened from 1998-2003.

    Well, my grandparents were never out of status because they were foreign investors, I don't know what visa they were on, and they still owned property in Canada in the 80s and they still traveled back to Canada every 6 months. My parents would also travel back to Canada. When my parents traveled to Canada I would stay in the States with my grandparents, and when my grandparents traveled to Canada I would stay in the States with my parents. My grandparents got their green cards in 1991. My grandfather passed away in 2009.

    My mother had a Master's degree and a Juris Doctorate. I can't remember if she was working in the States with an H1B or a T1 or T2 Visa, and that's why she was able to get married to a U.S. citizen in the States and she got her green card in 2003. She had student visas and work visas in the States from 1991 until she finally got her green card in 2003. She passed away this year. So my grandparents were 57 years old when they goy their green cards. My mother was 47 years old when she got her green card, and my father was 50 years old when he got his green card. My brother was 19 and my sister was 17 when they got their green cards. It looks like I will be in my late 50s when I get a green card, if I get a green card through one of my siblings, or maybe try for the EB5 route to the green card.
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    Pg 1 Marriage to a friend
    Pg2 sibling petition
    Pg 3 EB5

    .. smacks of desperation to get to the US! Plenty of advice has been provided on your options. Perhaps time to lock the thread?
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    When I go to a U.S. Port of Entry to submit my entry waiver application, my proof of current employment, my 3 character references, my circumstances of violation and reasons for travel, and my $930.00 fee, will CBP take my file and mail it themselves to DHS, or will they give me a letter with proof of payment to put in my file and I mail it myself to DHS? If they do it themselves, how long will my file sit at the port of entry before it gets mailed to DHS for the 180 days of review?

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