Can I change my employer when my I-140 and H-1B is approved when I am in India?


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* Joined Employer A in USA by transferring H1B with 1 year left to be max out.
* Employer A filed PERM, Labor and I-140.
* My H1B maxed out on June, 19 and I had to return back to India since my I-140 hasn't got approved by Jun, 19.
* My I-140 got approved in July, 19 when I'm here in india and Employer A filed H1B extension immediately.
* My H1B extension got approved in Jan, 20. But Client denied my onshore role due to budget constraints.
This is my situation. At this juncture, can someone help me understand if I can transfer my I-140 and H1B to new employer since both of them approved when im here in India.


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Employer B can file H-1B petition new employment & request for consular processing not subject to quota based on employer A's approved I-140. I believe it should be fine even if employer A withdraws approved I-140 since 180 days has passed after its approval.