1. P

    Getting engaged during Green card process, and wanting to relocate

    Hi everyone, I wanted to ask if anyone had experienced a similar situation as me below, and any advice on next steps: 1) I'm based in Location A in the US, and have submitted my I-140 and I-485 2) I recently got engaged and wish to move to Location B (in a different US state) but continue to...
  2. G

    Can I change my employer when my I-140 and H-1B is approved when I am in India?

    * Joined Employer A in USA by transferring H1B with 1 year left to be max out. * Employer A filed PERM, Labor and I-140. * My H1B maxed out on June, 19 and I had to return back to India since my I-140 hasn't got approved by Jun, 19. * My I-140 got approved in July, 19 when I'm here in india and...
  3. P

    RFE on I-140

    I have filled I-140 in premium processing on Jan 08, 2020 got an RFE. GC filled on EB3 and the priority date is Aug 14th, 2019 RFE talks about to whatever the experience I did provide that does not represent the company that specified in LCA. I had submitted the exp letter from my Indian...
  4. R

    H1B validity after I-140 revoked by previous employer

    I am working for Employer A on H1B and 6 years limit expires in 10 months (Sept 2020). I just got I-140 approved with Employer A (Nov 2019). I have a job offer from Employer B and would like to move in next 2 months (before 6 months of I-140 approval). 1. If Employer A revokes/withdraws...
  5. J

    Is it mandatory to have valid H1B on hand during the I-140 period?

    Hi, I have filed the I-140 through my employer. Unfortunately, it was filed in regular, not premium. My H1B is expiring in the near future. Do I need to have a valid H1B approval notice on hand when my I-140 is in process? Or is it enough to have the H1B receipt notice? What if I file my H1B...
  6. amirshadaab

    Initiating H1 transfer while I-140 is in process

    Hi, I am currently working at company A. My labor has been approved and my I-140 was applied in regular processing. I got another offer from company B. I've asked company A to upgrade my I-140 to premium processing and they agreed. I asked company A if they will withdraw I-140 if I switch...
  7. M

    H1B picked in lottery 2018, still no news CSC

    hi i need your valuable opinions i am currently on TN, I94 expires on Dec 26th 2018 H1B lottery picked this year ,USCIS page still shows Case Received,California CS PERM approved last month,due to Sept 2018 visa bulletin we can't apply concurrent I-485 (Mexican) EB3 worse case scenario >>> if i...
  8. S

    I-140: Software engineering degree is not related to the company’s requirement of a computer scienc

    Hi All, I got the I-140 RFE like below. Software engineering degree is not related to the company’s requirement of a computer science degree. My bachelor is : Electronics and Communication Engg. Masters: Software Engg. is there any one is faced this situation.. Please suggest me. thanks a...
  9. F

    Is it normal for an I-140 amendment petition (SII) to cause a re-opening of the original case with U

    The situation I am in is as follows: 1. Case 123: I-140 under Company A is approved on 01/10/2017 2. Company A is bought by Company B 3. Case XYZ: Company B files I-140 Successor-in-Interest / Amendment petition 4. Today, I get notification that Case 123 was "Reopened for Reconsideration"...
  10. H


    I have an approved I-140 from my previous employer. While leaving I was told that they won't revoke it (how can I confirm ?). My current employer will start the perm process in April 2018. I am on H1B extension (8th year) and it's valid till Oct 2019. Am I eligible to change jobs* before April...
  11. R

    Change Multiple Employers after I-140 Approval ?

    I have my I-140 approved with my current employer A with Priority Date as Nov 2015. Now I have a Offer from a new Employer B which is of small size (50-80 employees) and they don't have history of filing any Green cards till now,but their H1B Transfers are very successfully without any rejection...
  12. F

    I 140 approved- next what?

    Hello, My I 140 got approved. My PD is 15 May 2017. I am planing to work as an RN. I am not sure of the next steps that go along with obtaining an immigration visa. Could someone shed some light on this? Thanks, TTK
  13. T

    Moving from MomAndPopShop to HotShotShop - I-140/H-1B transfer question

    Hi there, I am currently with an employer, let's call them, 'MomAndPopShop (MAPS)'. I have been with them for 6.5 years now and here is my visa timeline: 1. Joined them on an OPT in 2010 2. First H-1B visa term: 2011 - 2014 3. Second H-1B visa term: 2014 - 2017 4. Got I-140 approval in October...
  14. H

    Approved I-140. Left USA 5 years ago. Can I port the priority date

    Hi All, I entered US in Jan 2008 and was working as Programmer Analyst till 2011 when I received my Canadian PR and I decided to move to Canada. I had approved I-140 at that time. I resigned from my job and left for Canada. If I remember correctly, my employer did revoke my I-140 as I resigned...
  15. S

    Impact on I-140 / I-485 - Internal Reorganization but No Role or Job Description Change

    Hello, My company's lawyers concurrently filed my I-140 and I-485 about a month ago (along with EAD and AP). Yesterday, my company made an "operating model change" announcement, as part of which my group and another group will be merged. My role and job description won't change but the name of...
  16. S

    I-140 Self-Petitions

    Please contact me at caravotass@satovarac.com if you have submitted an I-140 self-petition.
  17. U

    Informing USCIS to match newly approved I-140 and pending 485 before Oct 1st

    Hi I'm getting conflicting recommendation regarding matching newly approved I-140 against the pending 485, which will be current this Oct 1st. Some says I can let USCIS know about this before Oct 1st but few others says I can do it only on or after Oct 1st. Any thoughts? Any risk in notifying...
  18. Y

    priority Date not ported

    Hello Rahul Sir, I had an approved I-140 from my previous employer. It was in the EB3 category. The priority date listed was 03/09/2012. The I-140 was approved on 01/17/2013. I changed employers on February 2014. I am not sure if my previous employer has revoked my I-140. Most likely yes. My...
  19. MassiTX

    Does applying for NIW affect a current pending I-485 (based on DV Lottery)

    I am a DV lottery winner and I have filed anI have filed my I485 more than 10 months ago for DV lottery but have not been able to get an interview yet. As DV lottery cases for 2016 are valid till September 30th 11:59 pm and will expire after that if not approved, I need to finish it up till then...
  20. S


    Section : 140 Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker, Says below - What About My Dependents? Spouses and children (under 21 at the time of I-140 approval) are entitled to permanent residence through your employment-based application. They are eligible for adjustment of status or consular...