Birth Certificate for Indian born in Pakistan

I had applied for a green card for my father, and got an RFE concerning his birth certificate. Since he is an Indian who was born in what is now Pakistan, we have no access to government records (which in all probability do not exist). So, we provided an affidavit from his older brother along with secondary evidence of birth date/parentage. We have now got a second RFE saying we must procure birth certificate or non-availability certificate. Any idea of what we can do? If anyone has had a similar issue that got resolved, let me know.


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One suggestion may be to get a BC from Indian Consulate/Embassy. Also try to get a letter from Indian consulate/Indian Embassy stating the place of ur dad's birth was part of India before partition and now not a part of india.

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I had the same problem in a reverse scenario. My father was born in Purani Dilli (Old Delhi) in 1939 and my grandfather migrated to Pakistan (with his kids) in 1947. When I sponsored my father for Canadian immigration, the same problem surfaced. We supplied a notarised statement from my elder aunt (who was 12 when my father was born) in which she stated that she was witness to my father's birth and can vouch for the date and place of his birth. That did the trick with CIC.
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I've same situation. My mom was born in undivided India which is now Pak. I've birth affidavits but USCIS is asking for non-availability. What do I do? Can the Indian consulate issue these? Any experience with such cases?


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Just did this

I had the exact same problem for my parents but in reverse. Went to the pakistan embassy and they made a birth cert for me parents, which was very nice of them. Let's hope that it's accepted. Just affidavits will not do!
So contact the Indian consulate and they should be able to help you. Somebody posted in the archives that they got a non avail cert from the san fran Indian consulate. Let us know how that works out.


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I had gotten the birth certificate from Indian consulate in NYC. I believe they ask for the passport and some form. It's all available online and I got it done by mail.


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I have the same situations...Is it possible to get Non Availability certificate from Indian Embassy for births in Pakistan?