Authorized to work on Expired Green card?


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My Green card expired on January 5th, 2020. I have applied for the renewal I 90 form.
My questions are
1. Can I work with an expired Green Card? If not, what can be done that allows me to go back to work?
2. If I have to travel out of country before my Green card arrives, I need to get I-551 stamp on my passport. How long does this process take?


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You can work. Your green card expires, but your LPR status does not. Do you have a social security card without restrictions stated on it, and do you have a driving licence or state ID? These two are sufficient to prove eligibility to work.


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Thanks a lot.
I have filed for renewal of my Greencard, but due to urgent reasons have to travel outside US.
What are the steps that I should follow that will allow me to do the same? Please help!