Approved RD - Jan 24 '02 on June 18


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Hi Everyone,

My and my wifes case got approved on June 18. I checked on friday if was not approved.
My wife checked on Sunday and the status was updated ??!!??. We could not belive it , i doublecheck it and then tried the phone check and it was approved !!!

We are very happy, and hope you guys are happy too. I was expecting another 2-3 months for Jan last week case. But with luck it got approved ! Havent received the notice yet by mail but should get it in a weeks time.

My case history:
Used pre-approved labour from my company (replacing other employee)
2 RFE in I -140 stage
No RFE in 485
Same company since applied
Address change done

FP June 22 02
RD Jan 24 02
ND Feb 11 02

Rupnet updated !

Very good site and very helpfull community. I thank you all and wish you all luck for faster approval.


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Congrats to you & family

Congrats...good luck for the future..

Go VSC Go!!

Anybody who owns ( the activity of running scripts for ) EAC 02108 series, please check the progress on this series..maybe there maybe some more on would be good to know...


RD: 15Feb02
I will track EAC02127 series.


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DNJ .. Congratulations

What were the RFE's for in I-140 stage ?

I am just curious to find out if you got the RFE's in I140 because you used Labor substitution ....

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RFE was regarding the salary:

When orignal filed in 1997 the salary was less, but when RFE in 2000 they wanted the salary to be in sync with current (year 2000 - dot com boom salary)


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Congrats man.
Can I know how did you answer the query ... since even my salary was also less than LC. Just curious to know and to be prepared for worst.


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It is very heartening to see some positive developments. My case also involves usage of substitution of pre-approved labor certification, but I did not get a RFE for my 140.

I was very scared about some kind of hiccups due to pre-approved labor substitution, good to know that your approval came through, It is very re-assuring.

Good going. Best wishes :)


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As i said the salary for another employer (for which i substituted )was under 55 K in 1997, and at time of RFE in 2000 my salary was matching the INS/Labor department requirements of salary.

So the attorney replied with the changes in the salary as per requirement !