Applying for an India OCI/PIO card or Multiple Entry VISA


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My Wife is a US Citizen. She plans to make a trip to India shortly .I have the following questions

1) While Applying for PIO/OCI/Visa can she apply for surrender certificate at the same time so that the Indian Passport gets cancelled Stamp and she meets the renunciation of Indian Citizenship requirement?

2)Will she get the Surrender certificate if she applies at the same time as applying for PIO/OCI/Visa

3) Will they be anything else she needs with regards to PIO/OCI/Visa or renunciation of Indian Citizenship or surrender certificate?

Any Quick Help is Greatly Appreciated.




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Yes, she apply for citizenship renunciation and OCI/PIO/visa at the same time. However the processing time for OCI and Visa varies, so you should apply depending on your situation.
See the cox and kings website for more info


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Once you apply for OCI, will they return the Indian Passport (with cancel stamp) or they keep it/?


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Once you apply for renunciation, they will cancel and return your passport. For OCI, they will just look at it and keep the copies.


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Thanks cafeconleche.
I have not received my cancelled INDIAN passport. I just received my American passport and OCI booklet. I had sent them an email, but haven't received any response.
Has anyone experienced this? I am thinking of calling them. Please advise.