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American/Canadian Dual Citizenship?

Discussion in 'Canada - Visiting, Living in, Moving to or Moving ' started by Teehee69, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. Teehee69

    Teehee69 New Member

    I'm a Canadian citizen currently residing in the United States who is under 18. My parents recently applied to be Naturalized and are awaiting interview dates at the moment. Under the assumption that all goes well and my parents do become American citizens, do I become a dual American/Canadian citizen thereafter? I was reviewing the N-600 Form for Proof of American Citizenship and noticed at a certain point in the aforementioned document, there is a section that asks you provide your "Country of Prior Citizenship". Essentially, all I want to know is if I'll become a dual citizen or if I'll just retain my Canadian citizenship and that'll be the end of it? Thanks in advance to all who reply.

    - I'm unsure whether I posted this in the correct section of these forums, please don't butcher me if it isn't where it's supposed to be.
  2. cafeconleche

    cafeconleche Registered Users (C)

    You will be a dual citizen. Canada would be listed as your country of "prior" citizenship, but you won't be losing Canadian citizenship.

    You'll have to be under 18 when your parents take the oath to become a citizen automatically. If you turn 18 before that, you'll have to apply for naturalisation yourself.

    Once you become a citizen, you can apply for a passport first, and then apply for the certificate of citizenship. You will need the passport to leave and enter the US.

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