Advanced Parole question -- Please help


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Hi all,

I've applied for AP in first week of March while I was in US. My attorney sent the application to BCIS thru certified mail and got confirmation that they received it while I was in US.
Then I had to travel out side of the country on my work and been working outside of country since then.
Then on April 09th my attorney said he received my AP approval notice.
Is it true that my GC application/AP will be invalidated because I wasn't in the US when my AP got approved??
I still have a H1-B which is valid until 15th Jun.
I'm planning on going back to US in second week of May now.
Can I use my AP this time when I go to US.. Is it valid??
or is it useful to use my H1-B.

Someone was saying I have to be in the country while they approve my AP.. is it true?

Thanks for your information..
No, GC will not be invalidated. You are ok. You can use either H1 or AP to enter US. My suggestion would be to use H1 and use AP only if either you are using EAD or if H1 I94 has expired.