Adjust status I-485 Form with approved K-1 & K-2 visas

My wife have approved K-1 with her 5 years old child with K-2 at same time, and is done, we marriage in 90 days. Now we want change status use I-485 also I-765 (Work) and I-131 (travel). My first question is,

1. We need fill I-485 in separate form? (one from my wife and other form from her 5 year old child)

2. Is is it so also, fill I-131 in separate form too?

3. On the I-131 she need to included advanced parole?

Please, anyone who can help me with this 3 question to clarify our doubts. I'll be very grateful, Thank you


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1. Yes

2. Yes, if there's a possibility of traveling outside of the US while the AOS petition is pending.

3. Yes, you indicate Advanced Parole on the I-131 form.
Ok. But, what part to be filling on I-131? In my case, I have my mother in law probable, she will die probable in the next 6 month or less by medic certificate letter document I have with her health condition and we don’t know when we travel, we prepare for this next emergency trip, so...
Part 2 - just to be select 1d,
On part 3, 4, 5 & 6 is N/A, just skip to part 7 no. 1 select “more than one trip” and N/A to the other question on part 7 then automatic Part 8 signature. This is correct?


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Yes, you would fill in Parts 1, 2, and Part 3 items 1-3, then skip to Part 7, select "more than one trip", and sign and that's it. You don't need any reason for normal Advance Parole.

If an emergency situation were to come up before your Advance Parole is approved, you could apply for Emergency Advance Parole.