A trip to USa for the second time this year?

hello i have a boyfriend american citizen and i have a b1 / b2 visa with which i have traveled to america 5-6 times so far. We know my boyfriend from before. This year I was there with him for a 4months. Then we traveled to our country together. Then I found out I was pregnant. He returned to USA for work and now we think it's a good idea to travel there again with my visa.
1. this year I've been there for 4 months. Would that be a problem if I wanted to travel again now? they will see in the system that I already had a long stay there this year. If they ask me who sponsors me and who I go to, is it a good idea to just answer "my boyfriend" or should I lie?
2. Is it a good idea to give birth there with this type of visa?
3. If we want to get married, do we have to wait at least 3 months? After we've known each other for 3 years?
4. If they still admit me to Usa, but give me a shorter stay (not a standard 6 months), what happens to me and my child who I will give birth to illegally?
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1. Never ever lie to immigration. Always answer whatever questions you’re being asked truthfully.
2. A visitor’s visa is not meant for living in the US. You may visit and have your baby in the US (provided you have the financial means to handle the associated medical expenses). There’s no guarantee CBP will issue you with another six months of stay, especially if you can’t demonstrate you’ve at least stayed the same number of months in your country as that spent in the US during your last visit.
3. You can get married anytime you want, provided you return back to your country and file a spousal visa from there. You can’t enter the US on a NIV with the mind of going through adjustment of status after getting married.
4. Not sure what you mean by giving birth to your baby illegally. Your baby will be a US citizen by birth, that however does not give you any form of legal status. You will need to leave the US at the end of your authorized stay.


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Do you have any idea how much it costs to give birth in the US? How do you plan to pay for the baby’s birth if it were to take place in the US? Are you happy to give birth without your parents or anyone else in your family around, in a strange country where you may by then have no legal status (if you have overstayed your visa for that purpose, it’s hard to tell if that’s what you mean)? What will you do if there are any complications to the birth?

Apart from the fact that it is always a bad idea to lie to immigration - you can face a ban if the lie amounts to misrepresentation for the purposes of gaining entry - it may be obvious by then you’re pregnant and that makes it even more obvious you have a boyfriend who you are visiting. That’s a red flag for overstay risk, so yes they may deliberately give you a short stay, or just refuse you entry.


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You obviously won’t have insurance. The cheapest state to have an uncomplicated birth without insurance in is Alabama, at over $9000. If you need a c-section, in a number of states that can run to over $20000 without insurance. You can afford this? And then heaven forbid if there are any complications and the baby needs neonatal icu or something like that, it can add tens of thousands of dollars to the bill.

first their insurance that can be made and for non-immigrants who will cover much of the birth. For the rest, we have money. I will not be there alone, but with my friend's family.
After returning from Usa I also stayed 5 months in my country, pregnancy will not be visible, I have no belly.
I know I don't get birth status. My question though was will my parental rights remain and will I be able to return with my baby to my country without any problems?
I meant if we could get married if I went there without having to go back to my country and wait for 1 year for an engagement visa?


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Insurance that pays for visitor birth costs? Please give a link. I’m doubtful.

If they let you in - IF, because they are pretty good at spotting people lying at the border/ and you just marry you will probably not be able to return home for around 6 months while awaiting AOS/AP card. If they don’t let you in your visa will probably be canceled and you will have no option but to birth at home and wait it out.
If your boyfriend decides not to marry you after you try the above, yes it happens, not only will you be illegal but potentially be accused/charged with kidnapping the baby if you take it out or try take it out the US without his permission. If you have read the news you’ll know this administration has no problem separating USC children from illegal parents at the border.
I normally don’t think people need to get married before having babies but when immigration and potential illegal statuses are involved it’s a protection.
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