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My PD is 06/2003 and mine is an EB3 (India). Don't know how long I have to wait for the PD to become current. It sucks.

On a brighter side, my I140 is approved and I485 has been filed long ago, which means I can switch jobs etc.

Question on Name Check: I didn't not get any communication on this front. Am I missing anything important here?


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Help please...

I have been following all the insights for quite some time. just logged as a new user and want to hear your expertise inputs..

PD 5/14/01; EB3
I-485 RD: 4/14/03
I-140 approved
FP - code 1 8/03/05
FP - code 2 on 2/28/06
FP - code 1 again on 5/10/07
Case Status Online says "retrival failed.." for quite some months.
Called 1800 ... and talked to Imm. officer pn 5/17 and was told that "security check pending.." and to connect with infoPass regarding the web site access.

went to infoPass 5/22/07 and was told that "application was reviewed on5/18/07..no visa number available.." however, when asked for more information on security check, I was asked to contact TSC (over snail mail) since the field office does not have any more information and the application is with TSC.

thanks in advance for your expertise inputs/thoughts.


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I can only repeat my post from the last year. "I am still here, I-485 filed in Dec. 2003, EB-2. Name Check pending since 2005!!! How many lucky one like me are here?"

Since there were a few of us, I have a feeling that some thick pile of our cases is byried under dust somewhere at FBI.
How many lucky one like me are here? And any idea how long to wait?


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I am still waiting since May 2003

look at my signature.

I am about to file my 6th EAD in March. I wanted to file earlier but now USCIS have new rule of 120 days so i have to wait.

Count me in for your group.
2003 pending 485

Here is my case (another one to add to the count)

India - EB3
PD: Jan 03
485 Received Dt: Jul 10, 07
EAD Renewal Received Dt: Aug 5, 08


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EB 3 Rest of the World

I-485, I-765 and 131 Sent to TSC August 7TH,2007
I-140 AD 08/12/07
PD 02/04/04
All RD 8/8/07
All ND 10/01/07
Finger Print Notice Date 10/09/07
Finger Printing on 11/06/07
EAD 10/2007

Anybody guessing on my situation? Current date employment visa on state Web , 2005
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