1. C

    L1A to TN

    Hi All, I am currently in the US working for Company A for the past 2 years on an L1A Visa valid till Mar 2022. I just recently got an offer letter by a new company B. I plan to apply for a TN visa via Peace bridge (Company B cannot maintain L1A) Have a couple of queries. 1) I would need to...
  2. C

    Travel back to my homeland

    Can I travel back to my home land while waiting for my green card. My immigrant visa on my passport says “Upon endorsement serves as temporary I-551 evidencing permanent permanent residence for 1 year” can I travel back home if my passport says that?
  3. mmanoj

    Can a Indian sole proprietor move to the USA on a F1 Visa?

    I'm currently owning a sole proprietorship in India and planning to study in the USA fall 2020. Can I still use my sole proprietorship to do business in India? I'm planning to receive payments to my current account. I'm using payment gateway like razorpay/PayPal for collecting payments. what...
  4. R

    Looking for recuiters in US

    Hi, I have been applying for jobs in US that I qualify for, but no answer whatsoever! Of course, It's possible that is due to other things such my experience and such. However I was also wondering if I am automatically disqualified since I try to answer all the questions correctly such as...
  5. S

    498a passport impound india

    i got a notice that my passport will be impounded in regards to case 498a in India. what happens when a passport gets impounded. 1) Does the VISA stamp on my passport becomes in valid? 2) Do i need to get a new passport? 3) Do i need to get a new visa stamp?
  6. J

    Dual citizenship

    Hi! A short question here. If I am a USA citizen and want to get a residence permit in Spain (would love to move there permanently with time and become a citizen) is it a good idea to do it investing in commercial property? The point is I don't need residential property right now, so don't want...
  7. H

    Asylee Naturalization(n400) Tracker

    I got my US green card based on asylum due to fear of persecution in my home country 5 years ago. I am soon going to interview for naturalization. USCIS will go through my entire immigration history and see my travel back to country I was born as a red flag. I only went there once in 2014 for...
  8. M

    B2 Visa - Number of entries query

    Hello. I am a British citizen that is hoping to apply for a B2 visa within the next week or so. However, I have one query, which will affect my decision on when I want to visit the states. I intend on visiting my girlfriend (US citizen) for a period of up to 6 months. We originally intended...
  9. K

    L'stereotype break

    Hello this is me kira clement. I am from finlande. Nobody believe me. American thinks i am from france. I am from finlande, france and viet nam. (family) I was tought french language two. Stereotypes are very hurt. I have hairs brun and eyes brun, and i am not good l'anglais (which was tought...
  10. M

    DS 260 Form, Addresses Lived In Since Age 16

    Hi, I am helping my uncle with filling out his DS 260 USA Immigration Visa Application Form. In the DS 260 form, there is a field that asks for the addresses in which he lived since the age of 16. He lived in several other countries. But he mostly does not remember the addresses of all the...
  11. J

    Beneficiary ID for DS 260 USA Immigration Visa Form

    The DS 260 form has a field asking for Beneficiary ID. I could not find it in my any of my documents. I have the Case Number, the Invoice ID, the Transaction ID. But I could not locate the Beneficiary ID. How will I obtain it? Thanks for any help.
  12. K

    Not comforts with l'anglais

    Heloo My name is kira clement, i am from finlande. I speak finlandais and french, and not comforts with anglais. I know, OH USA! but it makes me feel not in comforts and is l'stereotype (finlandais are good at l'anglais and speaks it in finlande. Not me) i love usa and finlande is in ruins...
  13. L

    Concerned Applicant. Is this a legit site??

    Hi All I am concerned I have applied through a false site. I used and now I am unsure how to check if my entry has ACTUALLY been made. I'm from Australia and couldn't find an email to contact someone on USA Gov website. Does anyone know if this site is legit, or know how I can...
  14. M

    How to start looking for employment options in USA/Canada from India - Non - IT field

    Hi , I am a senior managing director in India of an established company. It is in the field of Power generation , sales, engineering and maintenance. We deal with Kohler generators. I have 15 years years of experience I am looking for opportunities in the USA or Canada. I would like to know...
  15. Samedi21

    I nee

    Hello! I need help with my problem,I am a French citizen and 15 yrs ago I overstayed my au pair visa for 10yrs,I loved NYC so much that I wanted to stay. I had a valid SS number , I was paying taxes and I had a valid driving licence from MD and I have a bank account,I was earning a good living...