removal proceedings

  1. jaytee404

    I'm I in removal processing?

    Hi, I moved to the U.S in dec 2010 as an F-1 student. I met my now husband summer of 2013 and we married in October of 2015. We decided to adjust my status and applied in September of 2016, had our interview in September 2017. Our interview went well, though my husband made a few mistakes such...
  2. A

    Can I leave the country for short time during removal proceedings under these circumstances?

    I am green card holder since Jan 2012. I have done my Master's at USC, CA (2011-13) and worked at Intel Corporation (2013-15). Since then I moved to India and have been maintaining my green card by visiting USA every 5 months. After getting married in Mar 2017, I filed for petition I130 for my...
  3. Y

    Termination of removal proceedings

    Hi! I have married a US citizen and got my I-130 approved. I used to be represented by an attorney, but I didn't use his service for filing the peperwork. It was approved. Before getting married I was in removal proceedings, so now in order to file my work authorization etc. I have to lift my...