1. A

    US reentry on green card. Do I need to present passport of country of origin?

    I'm a dual citizen with 2 passports. Let's say passport A and passport B. Passport A is the country of birth / country of origin. Passport B I acquired later in life but before immigration to US. Upon entering US after getting the green-card for the first time I presented my green-card and was...
  2. T

    Green card holder travelling with US citizen minor

    Hi, I have been a green card holder for 5 years (with German passport, not applying for US citizenship yet) and need to travel to Germany for a few days with my 4-year old daughter who only has a US passport. Could there be any problems getting back into the US under these circumstances?
  3. Quiwi

    Biometrics Scan Questions

    Hi All, I have my biometrics scan coming up soon for my Reentry form and I was wondering if there is anything I have to take or what's involved exactly. Is there any kind of interview or that like when we originally did our DV interview etc? Thanks :)