1. 0BoT1

    Situation at the POE

    Hi, We have a weird situation that happened when we entered in USA - Los Angeles airport (LAX), and the officer didn't wanted to take our documents... (the sealed envelopes). I insisted, but he didn't want to take them.... He said that it's not necessary and that we should keep them. We then...
  2. D

    DV 2021 with a pending asylum (possible technical exception?)

    Hello Everyone, I have a question about DV 2021 and an asylum case. I was interviewed for an asylum application submitted in 2014 on 2017 but never heard a decision. My nonimmigrant status lapsed May 2020 while awaiting the decision. My spouse won the DV 2021 and is submitting AOS. We were...
  3. Z

    How Bitcoin and Crypto helped with my Immigration Stress.

    I have mentioned long ago on this forum that I will share with all of you the trials and tribulations I have faced in my life. I have never given up on immigrating back to the united states to be with my family for 20 years now. I have been applying for the DV lottery since 2001 and when I...
  4. Berto

    DV2021 Selectees From Ghana

    Congratulations DV2021 selectees from Ghana. Let's meet here to share the good news about our selection and to potentially ask questions about what our selection means, next steps, processing, etc. All selectees from Ghana should report here to share ideas for a successful visa issuance...
  5. M

    Level of education OR work experience?

    Hello, I am a bit confused about what would be best to document in my application. I have what appears to be an equivalent of some graduate degree courses (studied in France) but also have 10 years of work experience in the Tech field (have read there is a shortage of applicants for this job in...