How Bitcoin and Crypto helped with my Immigration Stress.

I have mentioned long ago on this forum that I will share with all of you the trials and tribulations I have faced in my life. I have never given up on immigrating back to the united states to be with my family for 20 years now. I have been applying for the DV lottery since 2001 and when I finally won dv2021 Corona Virus and Donald Trump happened. The stress level started a little after I found out I won back in June, sometimes I feel like I would have been better off if I didn't win the DV lottery. But luckily in 2012 I invested a good portion into Bitcoin and Ethereum and later started investing more into other cryptocurrencies. I have always been a believer of decentralized currency and I believe it will revolutionize the world. The price of Cryptocurrency has been climbing gradually since I found out I won the DV2021 Lottery, but over the last few months I have seen my initial investments grow to life changing amount. If I wasn't fortunate enough to go back home to America by DV2021, at least i will be able to go back under the Investors visa. I have been a proponent and an advocate for crypto and have helped hundreds over the years to understand and to explain how they can start investing in crypto. I sometimes provide free help on zoom meetings and by email to those who are interested. If anyone needs any help on how to get started, I'm more than happy to help.