dv lottery 2020

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    Old photo

    Hey internet, I’ve submitted old photo in DV lottery submission (have been submitted in last year DV as well) Is there any way to modify the submitted application or delete it and submit a new form? Thanks in advance
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    I've made the mistake of winning the DV lottery while on an E3; is there any chance I can keep from being deported for showing intent?

    I was so excited to win the 2020 DV lottery that I filed the DS-260 immediately (as advised to on the site; I honestly though I'd miss out on getting one of the 50k GC's if I wasn't one of the first 50k people to submit the DS-260). Now that I've shown immigration intent, my upcoming E3 renewal...
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    DV Lottery

    Hi, I'm Chris from Australia and I'm new to this forum. I was selected in the DV Lottery and I submitted my DS-160 form a month ago. I'm still at university and close to finishing a diploma. I was wondering if I could have some assistance if this will be a problem for the interview and...