1. SS0033

    Visa & Insurance for 65+ Canadians visiting USA

    My Parents are Canadian citizens and i would like them to join me in US for the maximum time in a year if they can. Below are my questions regarding this: 1. Do they need any Visa or is there another way they can stay in US for more than 6 months? 2. Is it 6 months in a year? Or, can they go...
  2. T

    Vacation on TN visa / management consultant

    Hi there, I'm on a TN visa, valid through end of this year. I was planning on visiting my family in Europe and Canada (Canada being where I'm from) this summer and checked online and saw that it was okay to travel on the TN visa. I wrote to my lawyers who helped me with the TN visa who told me...
  3. P

    TN Visa at risk of being revoked?

    Hi, I am new to this forum. I am a Canadian citizen working in the US on a TN visa. My visa is classified as a system analyst, but the position is really a software developer position. My girlfriend (who is also a Canadian citizen) was traveling to the US to visit me for a weekend. At the...
  4. C

    Questions Regarding Changing Employer

    Hi all, I'm a Canadian citizen working in the states on TN. I recently got a job offer from a new employer, and I'm planning to take the TN application documentation that their attorney provided to a POE next week to get a new TN. Timing wise I think this is appropriate because the start date...
  5. Jalaine

    Canadian and current TN status holder planning to get a 2nd job in USA.

    I am a Canadian working in USA now as a full time Registered Nurse under TN Status. In my previous application, my employer's offer letter stated the start and end date of my employment which totaled exactly 3 years, which CBP granted. I have only worked 1.5 years now. I am not under contract...