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  • hi Tamizhan,

    i'm exactly in your position..did you find any other information regd this...

    I joined company A and filed my GC in EB2 and got the PD as OCT2005.After getting the

    I-140 i joined another company B as a full time position.Company B has filed my Labor

    in EB3 and it got approved.My questions are :-

    1) Can i use the priority date of the EB2 with Company B.
    2) My Company A Attorney is willing to file my 485 now using the approved EB2 and said

    he will use AC21.Is that ok.
    3) Once the attorney of Company B files my 485, shall i go ahead and file 140 and use

    the PD of EB2 again.
    4) if there is a RFE on the filed 485, will i be able to use the PD with company B.

    any information regd this will be very helpful for me.thanks in advance
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