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    Re-entry with green card after long absence

    Let the woman play russian roulette.....what if they let her in without asking her a single question.
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    Return ticket

    Applying for a reentry permit has nothing to do with a return ticket
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    Did I get a warning?

    next time u enter usa, please apply for a reentry permit>> the officier gave you a verbal warning or did he type in his computer? did u go to secondary inspection? if he sends you to see a judge, he knows for sure our green card will be taken. you re on payroll and you re paying taxes, you...
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    reentry after staying more than a year as a spouse of a servicemember who's on orders to Korea

    can you travel with her on your way back to usa??? then you ll be able to explain in case she is asked to show proof
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    Asylum denied, now reapplying for F visa.

    it is going to be complicated becaused he is flagged in the system. he already show intent to immigrate
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    Moved abroad and received greencard with wrong info

    1 & 2 : You do need BIO for your application. You have to wait and do your BIO before leaving the country. 3. with a reentry permit which is valid two years, you should be fine. if you have lived for a year in the US after getting the CG, you should have qualify to file N-470 : Application to...
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    Bringing my future adoptive child back to the U.S.

    I think you should wait to become a US citizen. good luck
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    Please Urgent advice needed!

    dont worry, you are fine. you a new man in usa now. simply be patient......
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    Abandonment of Lawful Permanent Resident Status

    simply go to a US embassy or consulate, ask to file I-407, Why bother about IRS since you reno longer be in the USA !. If you do file the I-407 in the US, you will be immediately in deportation procedure because you're no longer a PR. Think twice !
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    Travelling On NP & RTD !!!

    you 're happy because you 've never been to secondary inspection. beleive me , you ll change your mind after. Like I said earlier I do not encourage an aslyee or refugee to renew NP and use NP. But every case is different ....good luck
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    Travelling On NP & RTD !!!

    I am assuming you 're a refugee or asylee, there is no way for you to renew your NP, if you do then you are in trouble........ Yes, it will affect big time your case, you have to forget about NP for few years...... good luck...
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    CG expiration date

    just curious; do you know some people who are thinking of never becoming USC? and keep their CG for lets say 20 years. Isnt it a problem for IO because they have the proof that the GC holder has no intend to change his status.
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    Biometrics and renew green card

    questions have been answered already since I have been in you case, I am making an effort to answer. 1- usually once ( the minute you have your airline ticket, you can speed the BIO process at local USCIS) 2-less than 2 months after BIO ( i got my GC 30 days after BIO) 3- it is prohibited to...
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    Biometrics for RP and RTD

    lets says i do my BIO for GC, does it mean for 18 months, I wont have to do a new BIO if I need for example a re entry permit?