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    How can a Canadian PhD work in USA?

    It shouldn't be too hard for you to get an H1B from a university, if, say, you were to become a postdoc researcher there. They will have people to help you through the process. I think your first step is to find prospective employers in USA.
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    Checklist for j1 waiver (what to do for a No Objection Statement)

    good info I have been searching for something like this for some time and was contemplating putting it together myself... glad I found this first!
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    big mistake dropping middle name, what to do now?

    The middle name, or absence thereof, should not be a huge issue. If it were the case that you had a DIFFERENT middle name on some form of ID, and there was conflicting names, that would be a different issue. But since your middle name is just dropped, should not be problem.
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    I passed the exam and still received re-exam notice, Please help

    I think setting an appointment with uscis is probably a good idea. Hopefully they'll be able to sort out what exactly is going on. Sounds like clerical error to me.
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    OCI Collection

    Double thanks to JP, this is good info.
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    Conditional Green Card -- moving abroad

    I feel like there is so much risk involved with trying ot stretch the truth in these cases. If they catch you in a lie, the penalty will far exceed the crime.
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    Can my same-sex partner obtain a green card through marriage due to a "notice of approval"?

    Unfortunately, the US is 30 years behind other industrialized countries when it comes to gay rights, so no, you can't get a spouse visa via any kind of same-sex partnership :(
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    N-400: Failed to support your dependent

    getting confirmation fro state child support agency is going to be your best bet.
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    Canadian passport renewal from United States

    The recently exp pass should be enough. Peace be your journey!
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    New Green Card and moving to Canada

    Yea, seems like this could really rain on your parade. Def talk with the employer and see if it can wait.
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    L1 to F1 for me, L2 to H1 for my spouse

    Her L2 is based on your L1. The two are tied.
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    Any January 2011 filers?

    It might be a good idea to send your paperwork via certified mail... it costs about $2.00 and it comes with a tracking code as well as requires a signature on delivery.
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    forgot date on N-400

    You should be ok. They won't jump down your throat for this unless they are suspicious for some other reason.
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    New US Passport Application Forms form Feb 1, 2011

    Nothing to be concerned over. Same cost for application.
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    Want to know if i can join army as a conditional permanent resident?

    Yes, you can. As long as you have an active green card it should not be an issue.