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    Urgent: N-400 Filing Question

    Thank you Sm1smom I really appreciated the answer, it helped me a lot, Regards
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    Urgent: N-400 Filing Question

    U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has received your form and is currently processing your application, petition, or request. This notice informs you that USCIS is able to reuse your previously captured fingerprints and other biometrics. USCIS will run the same security checks...
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    Urgent: N-400 Filing Question

    "Has your current spouse ever used a previous legal name?"- Yes OR No The question above is part of the "Current spouse" details. Here, my wife is completing the N-400 form and this question relates to me but I have only one legal name, for example, Bill Clinton since my childhood and never...
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    Citizenship Early Filing calculation for Asylum seeker LPR

    Hi There, First of all, thank you very much for providing continuous support through the forums. I have some concerns regarding early citizenship filing. As I am aware that LPR who have applied through the asylum seeker is eligible to file the citizenship application after 4 years of receiving...
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    N-400 Filing along with dependent under 18

    Hi There, Thank you for providing us the information and support whenever is needed. I have 3 questions to ask before I submit my N-400 Naturalization application. I got my GC through Asylum and my 5 years will be completed on May 16, 2021. 1. Am I allowed to submit the application before 3...
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    fee for green Card application

    @Assyle billa For Adult (Age 14- 78 Yrs)------------$1140 (Application Fee) + $85 (Biometrics) Total of @1225 Each applicant. Children ( upto 14 yrs)-----------------$750 (Each Application Fee), No Biometrics fee for children but they have to do biometrics though
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    FAQs about Asylee Green Card Process & Other things.

    1 principal ($1140 Application + $85 Biometrics fee) and 3 derivative ($750 Each for Child no Biometrics fee for the child below age of 14)) applicant fees Medical fee varies depend on your pocket, I have checked 4 0r 5 Doctors but picked the cheapest one in the area which is $700 for the family...
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    FAQs about Asylee Green Card Process & Other things.

    It has been very helpful coming all the way from I-589 application to getting I-485 Approval as an asylee. Thank you so much for all forum users who has been contributing and sharing their experience . My Time line is as follows: I-589 Application submitted----------- November 6th 2013...
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    I-485 Time Line

    Has any one on this forum experienced lately filling up the I-485 application form and their results? I filed my I-485 for adjustment of status on the basis of political asylum along with my spouse and dependent child. My time line as follows: Application submitted: February 9th 2017...
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    Biometrics Code identification for I-485 Application

    Hi Every one, Is there anyone aware of the code given by the USCIS while doing their biometrics? Me and my wife has been given Code 3 while my 2 kids are given Code 2. Does this really meaningful for the process of application? or why did USCIS made difference on these categories? Thank you in...
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    FAQs about Asylee Green Card Process & Other things.

    Hi All Forum users, Can any one on this forum explains about the biometrics code (1,2 and 3) for the the application of adjustment of status thru asylum I have received myself and my wife having code 3 for the biometrics and my 2 daughters having code 2, but could not figured out how it works...
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    I-485 New edition form

    Recently USCIS published the new I-485 form, I have filled out the new form 2 days ago for my adjustment of status, the I saw it will be effective from 02/21/2017. Does any one know if I did mistake filling out the new version of form rather then using the old form which is going out by...
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    i 485 approved!!!

    What are the series of the document you have attached while filing I-485? Do the children have to pay filing fee $1140 or $750 if they are filing together with their parents? Also can we submit I-131 for RTD in the same time with no fee? Greatly appreciate for information regarding these...