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    Citizenship Interview - 2nd time

    can you please share if anyone had to attend 2nd interview.
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    Citizenship Interview - 2nd time

    I applied for citizenship 3 years ago, and had an interview on 3/24/21, interview went fairly ok, I passed the tests, and answered other questions, but the IO told me that they need time and will write to me. After 120 days of first interview, they sent notice for 2nd interview on 8/17/21. May...
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    Interview was scheduled, then descheduled, no update after

    Had my interview 2 months back in SFO, the IO told me that I passed the tests, but they need some more time, will send a notice, he did not give any reason. I applied almost 3 years ago, DO NOT have any issues related to arrests, prior immigration troubles etc, except a speeding ticket received...
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    Name on GC is different from Passport

    In India, the passport office made a mistake in writing my name years ago, and I continued with that name for long, and received GC with that name. After applying for Citizenship, in the hope that I may get my citizenship soon, I got my name corrected from a local court. While waiting for...
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    H1b Transfer while outside of USA

    My friend worked in USA for some time on H1b, and has an approved i140. During the pandemic, his employer sent him to India and asked him to work remotely, and they removed him from US payroll and put him on India payroll. As of now, he has approved H1b petition until 2022, but NO visa...
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    Interview was scheduled, then descheduled, no update after

    I sent N-400 in August 2018, the interview was scheduled by the San Francisco office in July'19. A couple of days before the interview they de-scheduled it. When submitted a request through our Senator's office, USCIS responded that they are waiting for responses from some security agencies...
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    employment based GC consular processing & Affidavit of Support

    My friend worked in US on H1b some time ago, later moved to India after i140 approval. He wants to apply for GC consular processing, his employer agreed to support. When he sought legal advice on how to proceed, one attroney said its better to submit affidavit of support from family members in...
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    Interview was scheduled, then descheduled, no update after

    My interview was scheduled by San Francisco office in July'19. Couple days before interview they de-scheduled it. Did not hear any after that. Submitted “outside normal processing time” service requests 2 times, first time received reply as 'we are reviewing your case'. Second time as 'your...
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    Filing H1B when GC under process

    husband may tentatively abandon the green card process .... being a primary, he need to come back to US before the AP or H1b expires, else the entire family's 485s will be rejected. If you want to be independent, search for a job and apply for H1b as early as possible instead of waiting ...
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    Address Change

    Hi, Jacko, Ginnu and others, please advice on this, how to get the address updated on i485 files.
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    Address Change

    Yes, I submitted AR-11 and submitted change of address request for i485s (both online).
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    Renew Expired EAD

    yes, you can renew no problems on 485, whether you renew or not
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    Address Change

    60 days passed by now, after I submitted a online request for address change on i485s of all of my family members. Received a letter within a week of request submission, that the USCIS received address change request for my child, NO letters till date for the rest of family. What should I do...
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    Address Change

    I submitted address change request (online) for i485s of my family members on 7/19. I received an email within 3 days and a letter yesterday regarding address change confirmation for my child. No email/letter about our applications. What should I do now? wait for some more time? or .... ...
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    Change of Address

    Thanks to ginnu and jk0274. I called customer service center, before seeing the jk0274's update. They told me to do as jk0274 said above.