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Feb 13, 2018
Sep 14, 2006
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Feb 13, 2018
    1. _phone
      You are looking for a superior mobile phone? Unlocked iPhone 6 is that product. We specialize in providing news and selling iPhone 6 low-priced. Open : unlocked iphone 6 if you are fascinated.
    2. vladek15425
      Pls unban britsimon pls
      Its a terrible mistake
      Pls do something?
    3. a.k.r1081
      Hi, I am a GC and after completing MBA i looked for job around 4 months and cudn't ding the job. then i talked to a consultancy and got the training. before joining the training i had to sign on the contract. now its almost 1 month they are not able to find the job for me. can i break contract and look job outside, though in the contract it shows that i can't look for job on my own. i have also paid for the training and i have not received a single penny form the consultant.
    4. calialva
      Hi immigr8!
      I was granted Asylum and after one year submitted I485. Paperwork was received on Jan 2011 by USCIS and their website states that it will take 4 months to be granted. One month ago I got notice that my file has been transfered to Missouri (Lee's Summit Office) and then a week later another notice letting me know it was transferred to a Field Office. Last week, I received a notice letting me know that my appointment was during the first week of July, and last night got on the mail another Notice of Action letting me know that the appointment for July was cancelled due to "unforeseen circumstances". Is it good news or bad news? SHould I expect any problem?
    5. Abbie
      Why was the thread "DV 2012 laywer action Part 2" closed? and also how do I report obscene posts?
    6. raevsky
    7. s3_b3
      I am in US from 27th Aug 2010 and getting per day expense from my company. This is not as a salary, I am still getting the salary from my same employer in India. With this arrangements, I am not paying any tax to US. If I plan to stay for more than 183 days may be for 10 days more would I or my company needs to pay any tax to US government? I am expected to travel back to India but I wish to be on PTO (leave) for 10 more days (after 180th day) to see places around in US. Can I do this? Or I have to go back to India on 183rd day? Any help would be really great in this regards.

      Apart from the L1 visa, I also have B1/B2 valid for 10 yrs and expiring on 26th June 2016.

      Can you help in this?
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