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    Tech Democracy, NJ????

    Folks: One of my friends got an offer from Tech Democracy, NJ, and would like to know if anyone had any experience with them, good or bad? Please share your experience with Tech Democracy, NJ!! Appreciate your response.
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    Visiting CGI Houston

    Has anybody recently visited CGI Houston regarding OCI or PIO? Please post your experience! Also, what time they open the counter for queries? Thanks in advance Good luck to y'all howdy_howdy //
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    Visiting Houston CGI in person. Suggestions please!

    We sent our apps for PIO by end-September and no news from CGI Houston. I am planning to go in person and find out whats happening with our case! Has anyone been to Houston CGI in person to get info on their OCI/PIO app? If so, please post your details and suggest me how to go about doing...
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    From almost making history by almost being naturlaized without need for oath to near deporation

    She seems like a double agent. And she needs to be punished accordingly.
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    Should we put homemaker for my wfie in the employment section?

    I don't think it is necessary to mention that during her unemployment dates. I didn't mention about two gaps in my job and the IO wasn't even worried about it. As my lawyer would always say, do not provide informatoin to USCIS if not asked for. One is inviting trouble by doing so. Good...
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    No Information on Surrender certificate

    Where did you get this information? I read a posting in this forum that the PIO/OCI appilcation was sent back since the applicant sent both PIO/OCI app & SC together. He was told to get SC first and then re-apply for PIO/OCI.
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    Questions 13 and 14 on PIO card application in Indian Consulate NY

    No, you don't need to. Just send yours with notarized. It should be fine.
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    What is a service request?

    Service request is a way to get an answer regarding the status of your case. INstead of an InfoPass appointment, you do this over phone. Service Request does not delay any process. It just gives you an update of your case. Good luck howdy_howdy //
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    has anyone received PIO from DC consulate recently

    Well, I don't know about DC but I have applied for PIO & SC about six weeks ago and no news from CGI Houston.
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    Printing Problems with OCI!!

    PIO is another beast. Since they have started asking for SC's, even PIO's takes months. Mine is already 6 weeks in works and no sign of movement from CGI Houston. You are better off taking a travel visa and visit India. Good luck howdy_howdy //
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    2- Questions please!

    //2- I read about some people when they go to have their FP taken, they call the FBI between their fingerprints and the interview, and they will be told the check was cleared the same day? (Now is this mean the FBI Name check was cleared?) or this something else? because i see some people waited...
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    Traffic tickets and naturalization (threads merged)

    Just pay the money rightnow and get the case closed. This may be a big issue during moral character evaluation for N400.
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    No Information on Surrender certificate

    I was also told by someone that the Indian consulates rotate employees within other consulates thereby not letting them settle in one Consulate. Plus they come on deputation and by the time they get to know the rules & regulations, they are sent back home. This may also be the cause of delay.
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    No Information on Surrender certificate

    CGI Houston? Good luck! Like I said in one of my posts, CGI Houston is the worst of all other Consulates. No emails, no phones and no way of contacting them. My gut feeling is that they are overwhlemed by the applications and they have no idea how to handle all the cases.
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    SC and PIO Card

    I sent $175 + $20 each for me & my wife.