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    N-400 and Processing time in Seattle, WA for people with misdemeanor charges

    when you use the "search" function, I would recommend replying to posts in this last decade. Better yet, maybe the last couple of years. Look at the date!
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    Im a newbie.. need N-400 help

    seriously, you are asking someone from a post 11 years ago - I'm going out on a limb here, but guessing you won't hear from them.
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    Naturalization with prior dui

    been answered many times, "search" is your friend.
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    Can you keep your green card after citizenship?

    Not only is it collected, they punch holes in it in front of you (as you gasp - lol), but it's ok, you are getting something more valuable!
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    Hiring a legal representative/lawyer for naturalization

    Sounds like, based on your comfort level with your english communication skills and the application process, you would feel more confident in having legal representation. As I said in my previous post to you, it's not necessary and I didn't do it, BUT it's a personal choice/decision. Based on...
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    Citizenship Interviews - Decision Not Yet Made Status

    Don't worry, this is a typical review/response - keep checking your online status, usually it will change in the next week or so (see the last couple of lines in my signature line below)
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    Renewing PR vs Citizenship

    Something to consider, what you know now, you know now - your situation or opinion or circumstances can and often do change. If you leave the US in the future with only your GC and don't meet the requirements to keep it, i.e. 6 months of residency, you lose your GC. Given the ever changing...
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    Newark - 2019 02 20 - approved but the oath needs to be scheduled ?

    there are N400 tracking sites for the various centers around the country which gives you a sense of how long things like this will take go here: Select the "cross/plus" button "show filters" (beneath the banner add at the left) once you do...
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    Should the 5-yr GMC statutory period be calculated from the dismissal day?

    I am not familiar with how domestic assault is classified and if it's deemed to be a "crime of moral turpitude" (maybe someone else could weigh in here). However, I can give you my opinion and that's all it is. I can see why there is a mixed comment from your legal advice you've received as I...
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    Should the 5-yr GMC statutory period be calculated from the dismissal day?

    It depends. Was it a crime of moral turpitude? If you can disclose, that would help, as just saying you were arrested, is too vague to give an opinion.
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    Can't find speeding ticket which happened long time ago

    Ignore it, not needed. It was in 2010, you can write in your form you had a speeding ticket and it's not a big deal. (unless a felony speeding, i.e. over 100 mph or accident involved causing bodily injury)
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    N-400 Denial

    I'd get a lawyer. (not just any immigration lawyer, specifically, I'd make sure the lawyer has demonstrated experience with someone in the same situation as your husband, i.e. voted in an election and how the lawyer handled it and what was the outcome.) This may take a lot of phoning around to...
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    [CA] Naturalization application with DUI and Green Card expiring date approaching soon

    So the court records don't mention it, which is good. The police report mentions it, which you don't want to highlight. A police report may or may not be in the "arrest record". I would go to the police station and request an "official arrest record", stating you need to provide documentary...
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    [CA] Naturalization application with DUI and Green Card expiring date approaching soon

    Also you stated you refused to do a chemical test? Did you do a breathalyzer? You only have to do one or the other. (in some instances a urine test is allowed) If you refused both, then you automatically have a DUI. However refusing is more pertinent to your driving license in CA and you will...