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  • Hi Britsimon i am 2014 dv winner with high CN ( AF 92*** East Africa - Eritrea). I read a lot of ur posts and i am grateful for ur help here. my Questions are two
    1, my wife and i r expecting a baby in July 2014, How should we Up date KCC with the new baby?
    2, Do think we have the chance to be interviewed before the FY ends? worried as hell plz help!
    I Need to clear the following.
    , When i was applying for DV 2014, online registration, i did not include my wife & son as we were separated for very long time. We got legally divorced abt 1 year a go . Recently in DV 2014 instructions, i found that i have to add my wife & sons details , even we were separated. Will i be refuse the visa at the interview ?. pls, advice me.
    The rules are straight forward. These guys will think you are a fraud.
    Hey Britsimon,
    Man this month has been killing me!!!
    I don't see OC going current unfortunately for all those people above 2k. My CN is 164X.... and to be honest I'm still not that confident I'll make the final cut-off.... OC's numbers have only been going up by 100 or 150 a month... I need a 200 jump to be safe! what are your thoughts?
    I am getting worried that visas for Egypt might be exhaust before my CASE NUMBER is reached.
    Thanks for that insight... I thought so as well but as you know many other people have another way of looking at things....

    Been reading your posts n you seem more knowledgeable about the DV issues. I visited Tanzania n I worked there for 9 months.... do I need a police certificate from That other country to show to the CO?

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    Thanks bro wat I saw there was the one they sent me on may 1st that I was selected ......I wil Cal them
    Ya my case is 7000 .sent my forms on June......pls send me there site let me check cos I din receive any mail from them......thanks bro......
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