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    It would be an interesting topic. One can obtain an annulment through court. My understanding is that once an annulment is granted, its as if the marriage never took place. With regards to the OP's questions: Since the marriage on which the GC was based never "existed" it would be...
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    Got asked my citizenship in the US citizens passport control line

    I've been asked if I was a dual citizen upon entry in Minneapolis. He didn't seem very happy when I said "yes", but there is not much he could do about it.
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    CP immigrant visa experience-- need help

    My father's case was in admin processing back in 2007 and it took exactly one year to clear because of pending security checks.
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    Medicare for Returning GC Holder

    My father earned 40 credits while he was a PR. Then he was forced to abandon his PR status. Four years later he became a PR again after I sponsored him and at this point he was over 65. He went to the SS office within a few weeks of arriving and he was eligible for SS and Medicare benefits.
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    Visa Waiver program and voluntary departure

    I had a British friend who arrived in the US under WFP one summer a few years back. He was under the impression he could stay for three months, however the rule is 90 days. Since both July and August have 31 days, he over-stayed by 2 days. During his following visit several months later, he...
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    Biometrics for Rentry Permit

    What is the average time to receive the biometrics notice for a I-131 application in Houston? My father is getting ready to apply this week as he wants to spend some time back home with his elder siblings as they're passing away one by one. He's made a ticket booking for late April and I'm...
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    Foreign passport and US passport

    If you enter a third country with your non-US passport, the ability of the US Government to provide consular services may be limited as the host nation may not recognize your US nationality.
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    Foreign passport and US passport

    From the US govt point of view, you are only required to enter and exit the country with your US passport.
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    Status of kid adopted by a US citizen living outside US

    A US Foreign Service couple told me about their adopted son's expedited naturalization ceremony since they were about to be posted overseas. The child was adopted in Indonesia by the couple during a posting there, then returned to the States for a post at the State Department and the child was...
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    Citizenship denied

    From my experience (my fiancée was arrested for relatively "minor" infraction in Richmond, VA and only arrested her after failing to convince the other party to drop the charges) a police officer is required to handcuff a person (Michael Jackson complained about the cuffs being too tight when he...
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    Child citizenship - Please guide me

    I spent two years in Bangladesh for high school. When I later applied for naturalization, the office agreed that I had maintained my residency through my mother who was still in the States as I was a minor. Unfortunately, I had to apply in my own right as my mother was naturalized only a few...
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    Owning property or business abroad

    A little off topic...did you include your the CFC forms for you business with your federal tax returns?
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    How long does it take for CP from start to end ?

    My father was called in 2 months after I submitted his paperwork but ended up waiting a year for his background check.
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    do you feel you're treated differently when returning to the US as a citizen?

    One officer questioned me about my dual citizenship. Everyone else says "welcome home"
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    overstayed less than 180 days

    A British friend of mine once arrived only to be held by immigration for hours because he had overstayed during his last trip. He was under the impression that three months was three months but the law defines it as 90 days and he unfortunately stayed over because some months have 31 days. He...