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Discussion in 'Lottery Visas - DV' started by win dv, May 15, 2011.

  1. win dv

    win dv Registered Users (C)

    Hi guys,

    How would YOU feel if the the DV lottery is cancelled indefinitely because of the drama it has caused thus-far?

  2. CraigToomy

    CraigToomy Banned

    Like a champion!
  3. suryl

    suryl Registered Users (C)

    I think they should. Even though I am one of the applicants hoping to have a tiny chance winning, if I were in their position, I would cancel this lottery program. Everyone is out to protect their own interest, why not right?

    Because there's simply no way of stopping 22k people from filing lawsuit or complaining and all. And on the other hand, there's no way to stop the millions of people being upset about the unfair system.

    And when they do, I would say to this to all that wouldn't leave KCC alone about this and let them just do their job...... YOU ASKED FOR IT!

  4. win dv

    win dv Registered Users (C)

    Personally, it will cause me to re-evaluate myself and appreciate my blessings here in my home country (including the ability to visit the USA at anytime)
  5. BengsBengs

    BengsBengs Registered Users (C)

    why does everyone think that 2013 is the last lottery? is it because the government can change (sorry for stupid questions but really i am not informed well)
  6. win dv

    win dv Registered Users (C)

    The outcome of DV-2012 shows that ANYTHING can happen and at any time. However, do not be surprised if DV-2012 lottery is the last as decisions are being made everyday. The deciding factor can be "the uproar of the Petitioners'. They don't have to tolerate this. Thus, silence the petitioners, CANCEL IT COMPLETELY. All I can say is brace yourself.

    End result: Shattered dreams and no more chances. How's that huh?
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  7. whataboutno

    whataboutno Banned

    thanks to newbies who signed petitions against american laws, who sent emails to obama, clinton and bill gates.
  8. BengsBengs

    BengsBengs Registered Users (C)

    what if someone told you to shut up and that the computer has choosen now even it is unfair....? would you shut up then????? if this pogram gets cancelled it is because of everyone also the ones who were thinking the whole thing is a scam and contacted kkc....
  9. dv2012

    dv2012 Registered Users (C)

    If dv lottery ever gets cancelled it's not going to be the fault of people who sign petitions and send letters to KCC! It will be cancelled because of mistakes of KCC and because the whole immigration system is messed up and needs to be fixed. Nobody could stop you guys from calling KCC and complaining that the drawing was not fair and not random enough. It was your right. None of you thought: it was not fair but let me just stay quiet about it so we don't make KCC angry so the lottery won't be cancelled. Now ex-winners do what they feel is right to do. You are not the ones to tell these people to stop. Don't say things like : if i was in your shoes I would be satisfied with the redrawing decision.. You were not in our shoes so please let people do what is right for them.

    I personally doubt that anything can be changed at this point but this situation cannot go unnoticed.
  10. tnDV2012

    tnDV2012 Registered Users (C)

    If Obama wins the 2012 elections, then DV Lottery would continue for at least another 4 years. However, if Donald Trump wins the 2012 presidential election, then DV2013 would be the last.

    So even though we can't vote yet, we can support Obama financially - yes send $20, $40, etc, via Paypal to Obama's re-election campaign. Also, join Obama Facebook page. And if you're in the US, attend all his rallies.
  11. ovicity

    ovicity Registered Users (C)

    This guyz are failures and sadist. They hate to see other people succeeding. Its just because they werent selected also thats why they have the ordersity to say they want to sue the US GOVERNMENT. If they av won, i bet u the story will be different. This thread had been corrupt by haters and evil people.
  12. AlDaGal

    AlDaGal Registered Users (C)

    Very true!
    USA and KCC doesn't care about foreigners petitioning or suing them. And they dont make decisions based on what foreingers want/ need/ demand.
    So you can sue/petition/protes if you have nothing else better to do. You will not influence the KCC/ DOS/ US government to stop DV or let the 22k formal winners to continue with their applications.
  13. Maju

    Maju Banned

    May be this whole fiasco was a plot so that they abolish the lottery.I fail to understand how they did not detect the glitch after having done the draw months ago,with their super computers.
  14. AlDaGal

    AlDaGal Registered Users (C)

    Why do you assume they have supercomputers at KCC? Do you also think that DOS is runned by Superman and Wonder woman?
    KCC is not a private firm that has the top people in that area. It is a government department with medium (maybe low) salaries.
    I dont know where are you from, but in USA not everyone is perfect. People make mistakes here, but they also correct them.
  15. Maju

    Maju Banned

    They have a system that receives millions of applications .U nid a complex machine to do that not a pentium 2.N if they cant do the job well they should add themselves time and do a good job.Ths thng has caused chaos as you have read peoples stories.Like u wil understnd and they way you are so sarcastic and full of yourself.
  16. crawzar

    crawzar Registered Users (C)

  17. dv2012

    dv2012 Registered Users (C)

    Good luck to you too

  18. LoveAmerica

    LoveAmerica Registered Users (C)

    This is true. If you see another republican gaining presidential status again (especially Trump) then be sure to kiss the DV lottery and any other easy way means of immigrating to the US goodbye. Republicans Hate all types of immigrants.

    Obama on the other hand likes them, he is confused to why the US sends back potential immigrants to their own country to compete against them when they did all their college education in the United States. Heck even Obama got his aunt legal status who was living illegally in America for a couple of years.
  19. whataboutno

    whataboutno Banned

    You lie and provoke newbies.
  20. DVwasScam

    DVwasScam Banned

    no seriously they do

    like local moderators who keep deleting my posts and threads, today I had 0 posts
    can you believe it?

    It's me who WON on the behalf of millions another DV lottery! THE FAIR ONE!
    I was first one to ask to pay attention to the DV and all sorts of state departments!!!

    the one who was right is ME!

    And how they treat me and current idiots who obviously insane and unlawful?

    but you can't shut me up! NOTHING WILL HELP!! NOTHING!!!


    Either treat me right or make the forum even more garbage that it currently is!


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