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Hi, I will like to add some text (make modifications) to my question which I posted for June 6th Conference Call. Can you please allow me to edit it

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Do give me the revised question. I will post it for you.
I plan to sponsor my mom to come to US to live with me. My sister is 17 years old now. I wonder if my sister eligible to go with my mom to US, and what form do I need to submit to USCIS in this case?
Got the biometrics done on 05/17 and they gave me back the Biometrics letter back with a Stamp; am I supposed to send this somewhere or keep it with my documents?
Hi everybody!
Do I have to submit DS-260 forms for all derivative in my case even though they are not immigrating to USA? not even later. what if I submit for me only as principal applicants and not for derivatives? will my application be processed?
I saw a post about your naturalization interview and the job change question which came up. In my case, I have changed 2.5 years after approval of GC to a different role but in a similar industry. I request your feedback about my situation and the impact on naturalization.
Filed in January , that's when our DV2019 number (2019AFXXXX) was available. The Form I-485 was sent in January 2019 to the Chicago Lock Box however to this date we have had no response or the check has also not been cashed. Please advice
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It is a great pleasure to meet you. Would you please give more information about your membership in Sigma Xi? How I can be a member?

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i would like to post a question for tomorrow. I am not able to do it for some reason. please give me instructions
My question is whether we can provide medical poster presentations or case presentatins in meetings can be presented as evidence for show case or exhibition of art for EB1 application
Hello everyone, I need your help. I want to apply for the J1 waiver. I need a guide on getting it done successfully.
I would like to share my experience for my pending N-400. I got interviewed in 10/11/18, and the officer wasn’t nice at all because she was talking with attitude during the whole interview, and she was interrupting me with every sentence I said. Anyway, I passed Civics and English tests, but the officer insisted to bring her an evidence about my name since I have mentioned in other names section my (
I got an attitude from one in San Antonio and it is really ridiculous that we try to do the right thing and we got stuff like that happening to us. I could not get my word in and she denied my Citizenship, telling me I can file the next year. Which I did but I got an attorney to help me and I told him what had happened and before I could of said what happened he knew exactly who it was. I wish you luck.
Hi SanAX, any update? Are you still in the Boston area? I hear they are lenient.
Hello there, Can anyone assist me how this forum sites works. It's saying spam error post, I am using natural written text. Please help me to understand the guidelines of this Forum site..?