Won DV-2002, but need help!


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My mom won DV-2002 or selected within 100,000 people. As letter indicates we need to appy for her immediately. We have two problems:

- She is a textile sylist ie tailor over 25 years in Turkey. This qualifies for DOL requirements as I checked DOL site, but what does Consulate need for a proof of employment. Is a letter from employer suffiecient? Or do they require social security records which she does not have. She does this over contract basis and gets paid cash. She is also one of the board of directors in a retail/wholesale store where she gets paid in stock every year. Is this applicable for an occupation as a consultant?

- She went to art school and received degree in Tailoring 30 years ago but they cannot find records. What kind of proof Consulate or INS will look for.

Any advice? We need to apply with something immediately.

Thanks All.