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which priority date can be used?

Discussion in 'Frequently Asked Questions – I-485 FAQ' started by adriana69, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. adriana69

    adriana69 New Member

    I have a perm approved filed on July 19, 2005. I-140 was approved on 2006. This was for categ "other workers"
    Another employer filed for labor certification on June 16, 2007 and we also have an I-140 approved in August 2008. This is a EB3 skilled workers category.
    If the visa numbers will become available in the next couple of months, can we use the first priority date (July 19, 2005) to apply for I-485 even if that application is under "other workers" category?
    We are currently in US but our working visa E2 was revoked on October 30, 2008 and we have to leave the country by the end of November.
    Can somebody help us with details about the consular process? How fast can it be? Do we have to wait only for EAD and travel documents or we have to wait for GC?
    We try to come back asap because we have a house here and our 9 mo old baby is born here.
    Please help
  2. adriana69

    adriana69 New Member

    There is nobody who can have an answer?

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