When to file AR-11 when you are abroad in between moves

Hi, I just moved out of my place and I am not sure what to do with the change of address form. I am currently spending a few weeks overseas and I will be spending some time with a friend when I return until I find a new job and move to a more permanent location. Since there is still someone living at my old address who can get my mail, should I return and am physically at the new address to file the form or do it now? Do you have any advice? Thanks.
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If you do it online, the system is a little annoying in that it won’t let you overlap addresses (even same day) and flags gaps, but I seem to recall it allowed a submit even with gaps eventually. If you do it manually then it’s easy. It won’t be a “flag” in the sense of a problem, if the IO brings it up you can explain it easily.