When processing starts if using "Date of Filing" and PD is not current and When AC21 180 days starts?


I filed AOS using Data of Filing, My priority date is not current yet. I140 is already approved. EB1 work category.
- Will they start to process my application now and send a date for bio-metric or will they wait until PD is current first then start process my AOS?
- For AC21, will the 180 days rule that allow me to change job start to count from the date they received my application or it starts to count from a later date, for example when PD become current? My work authorization eligibility category C09

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Each month USCIS comes up with guidance clearly indicating whether to follow date of filing or final action date to file I-485's. During the month you filed I-485 did USCIS advised to use date of filing for filing I-485 ?
For AC21 it is receipt date of I-485
Thanks for your reply
My question is about the timeline
I already filed using the ‘date of filing’ and at the moment my PD is not current

So will USCIS start the process now by initiating the bio metric then the interview and then they will not issue the Green card until the PD is current?
Will they wait until my PD become current first the start the process?

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Date of filing is used by USCIS to inventory intake how many applications are received for help in moving priority date further or backwards. Final action is what actually indicates whether if visa number is available to approve applications. USCIS might complete preliminary steps like biometric and personal interviews BUT have to wait until final action date to become current to approve applications.