What is the best degree to grant me an easier way to work in the US, studying in Ireland?


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Hello, I am an Italian guy, living in Ireland.
I would like to achieve my dream of living and working in the US by getting an efficient degree which could make my path easier.
What is a good degree I could get here (I live in Ireland) which could open more working possibilities for the US?

I'd do that in the US, but I have no clue how to get a scholarship, and there's no way I'll ever be able to afford a school on my own, not even by working for 200 years.

Suggestions, anyone?
tbh i think you need to re-evaluate your dreams. working and living in the US is just like working and living in many other countries and the standard of living in the better european countries like uk and germany is definitely comparable to the US.

instead of blindly choosing a degree because it is supposedly better to get to the US is a very poor career choice especially if you are not suited for the degree. take an aptitude test and figure out what you are good at and then go to college for that. that way you will actually be good at your career and are more likely to succeed.
read this article, it might help assess what it's like here for college grads better for you:

Study: College Grads Weathering Economic Storm
Those who don’t hold college degrees fare far worse, states the report from Georgetown University.

By Menachem Wecker

August 16, 2012

New research from Georgetown University's Center on Education and the Workforce reiterates a truism that may resonate with college graduates in a tough economy.

On average, college grads continue to earn nearly twice as much as high school graduates, according to the report, "The College Advantage: Weathering the Economic Storm."

"It is a tough job market for college graduates but far worse for those without a college education," wrote Anthony Carnevale, director of the center and co-author of the report, in a release.

"At a time when more and more people are debating the value of postsecondary education, this data shows that your chances of being unemployed increase dramatically without a college degree," he added.

The "gradual shift" to more-educated workers has been taking place for decades, but the "Great Recession" gave that process a "mighty push" when it began in December 2007, according to the report, which relies heavily on data from the Current Population Survey, a joint U.S. Census Bureau and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics project.

Although the most recent survey of those bureaus came out in March 2011 and contained data from 2010, the authors of the Georgetown study often use estimates for 2012 based on that data.

The study, which contains illustrations of umbrellas and literal references to the economic storm, notes, "When it rains hard enough and long enough, everyone gets a little wet." But although the unemployment rate for recent four-year college graduates is 6.8 percent—more than 50 percent higher than the overall rate for four-year college graduates of 4.5 percent—those who hold only a high school diploma are plagued by an unemployment rate of 24 percent.

The "most striking statistic" of the study, according to the authors, is that nearly 200,000 jobs were added during the recession for bachelor's degree-holders, as well as 2 million positions for college-educated workers during the recovery.

The study focused on the categories of workers who either didn't go to college, or held a "bachelor's degree or better," but didn't differentiate between college graduates and those who went on to pursue graduate or doctoral degrees.

Masters degree in the US is the best and not only from the Us people from many countries are been to there for studying and they settling over there!Many students they do get job in the campus while education and after the education!!
Well, there are many colleges which provide a quality education for immigrants. I am teaching to lot of students who are from different countries and doing their master programs in US. Talking about a campus interviews, it is completely depends on your educational background and what score you have. Many companies prefer to hire students from other countries as well. I agree with this past surveys. Today job market is open for students and if you are doing a masters degree then it will be a golden days for you.