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  1. jaxen2

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    This is not a place where you post your question.
    This is a place where questions asked in relevant sub forum (with answers) are promoted/transferred by moderators, so that users dont have to post the question again to get an answer.

    All stupid first time questions asked in this forum will be deleted from now on.
    Browse from the day your visa applied to gain knowledge and experience instead of posting only when you run into problems.

    Sadly this is a lesson learnt after the fact.
  2. jakarta1

    jakarta1 Registered Users (C)

    whom to complaint to ..????

    Here is a very pitiful situation .. of one of my buddies ..
    His father was supposed to come to USA last month , every thing worked out well , till his father board the flight and reached the port of entry .
    At the port of entry , the officers discovered that the page of his VISa Stamp was not there .
    My friend's father was ill-treated , interrogated , misbehaved with , and immediately deported back to India .
    He visited USA couple of times in the past , and has a 10 yr M .Entry Visa .


    Now my buddy is so broken and dishearten .. and does not want to even share this with any one .
    But I am stepping up for him , to know what needs to be done ? Whom to approach for the injustice done to that respectable senior citizen of INDIA ....

    Any help or guidance is GREATELY appreciated !!!!!
  3. jaxen2

    jaxen2 Registered Users (C)

    you are in the wrong forum. Initiate enquiry in Chennai airport . There are lots of things travellers and sponsors need to be aware of. But whatever happened is not going to change.
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