WAC-02-256-***** : Still waiting for approval !


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This is the orginal post for your information. I don't know how to link to that thread.

I-140 with 2 RFEs Approved
Case Approved after long waiting

RIR/EB2, Original Labour
Concurrent I-140, I-485, EAD, AP
05/2001 LC filed
09/2002 LC cleared
10/2002 I-140, I-485, EAD, AP Filed
12/2002 FP done
01/2003 1st RFE
03/2003 RFE on AP did not replied since it asked for I-140 approval notice
04/2003 180 days over
04/2003 1st RFE replied
06/2003 AP RFE expired but web showed received reply
06/2003 Got iEAD
07/2003 AP approved
08/2003 2nd RFE received
9/15/2003 2nd RFE replied
9/16/2003 BCIS received 2nd RFE response
9/17/2003 I-140 Approved

I have not checked BCIS web page since 2nd RFE replied. I did not expect get result soon in September. It was fast for this one. Checked with attoney, they received approval notice but did not inform me.

By the time filing I-140, we had 5 people. Since company is small I guess. RFE asked everything they could ask, company financial, tax return both company and benificiary, employer letter, company operation license. Even some thing I have not seen so far on this forum, such as 20 quarters payroll record, payroll tax. In fact 2 RFEs asked new material and also the materials provided already, in the end they have nothing else to ask.


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Finally my I-140 is approved after wait of 2 years !!!
It was pending since Aug 13, 2002 (WAC-02-256-*****).

One more stage to go thro'.