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  1. vigneshguna

    vigneshguna New Member


    Im an entrepreneur who intends to migrate to Las Vegas to incorporate a new technology company with a substantial investment.

    As i dont need a visa to enter the US, I intend to travel to the US in two weeks on the US Visa Waiver Program and take a month to setup my company in Las Vegas. After which i will be applying for the E2 visa.

    Kindly advice if my intention to arrive on the visa waiver program and convert to the E2 visa later is acceptable at the UCICS?

  2. del0175

    del0175 Registered Users (C)

    But it seems that the OP would like to change status to E2. Generally speaking, USA does not like changing status from VWP. You will be better off reentering as E2. If you do as intended, and if USCIS suspects what you plan to do, you maybe denied entry and banned from using ESTA ever again. The idea is that the visa waiver is only for short term visits and anyone who wants to be in a visa status should get one before coming.

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