Visa options for Canadian Citizen marrying USA GC Holder?


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I am GC holder (permanent resident) of USA. I got GC last year only so 4 more years for me to become USA citizen.
I want to marry a person who is Canadian citizen. She has done Practical Nurse (PN) course from Canada. It seems she cannot get TN visa under NAFTA as she needs to be atleast Registered Nurse(RN) in order to be eligible under NAFTA

I came across V-1 visa option but not sure how exactly it works. My questions are:

1. Can she enter USA (as she has Canadian citizenship), get married to me and then apply for V-1 visa?

2. Can she work on V-1 visa? If not, what needs to be done so that she can start working?

3. How much time is taken for V-1 to approve?

4. Can she travel outside USA when V-1 approval is in process?

5. On V-1 visa, if she starts studies, will she be required to pay resident fee or fee paid by person on student visa?

I think the V1 visa is now sun-set and is no longer available.
Even when it was available it was for Spouse of an LPR who is the principal beneficiary of a family-based petition (Form I-130) which was filed prior to December 21, 2000, and has been pending for at least three years.
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