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VISA Information for Countries

Discussion in 'Political Asylum in USA' started by wantmygcnow, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. wantmygcnow

    wantmygcnow Volunteer Moderator

    VISAS NOT REQUIRED: Transit or Short Term STay Visa(90 days)

    Singapore (http://www.mfa.gov.sg/newyork-consul/USA visa regulations.html)

    ALL European Countries Require a Visa to enter their territories. See Exceptions below:


    Visitor Visa:
    If you have a RTD and NO GREEN CARD IN HAND. You can not enter France. Period. France only issues visas to RTD holders with a Green card.

    Transit Visa:
    NO Transit Visa's required for holders of RTD. No matter if you have GC in hand or not. See link:

    You cannot enter the country though but only Transit in the airport. For instance, if you did not have a GC and were going to Germany through France, you would not need a visa and could go to the gate that boards your flight to Germany.

    United Kingdom

    Visitor Visa: Required for every RTD holders with or without a GC. You will also be fingerprinted upon entry.
    Transit Visa: Not required if you have a Green card in Hand.



    Visitor/Transit: RTD holders are required to submit for visa 4 months in advance. Best of luck.


    Visitor/Transit: It takes 1 week or less to get a visa. Very easy.


    Visitor/Transit: It takes 1 week or less to get a visa also. Very simple and easy. Make sure you bow
    once you pick up your passport.


    Visitor/Transit: Australians are the nicest people and they treat RTD like royality. THe Visa's
    are issued in 1 week. No health insurance needed but sufficient proof of funds needed. Nice
    experience I had with them mate.

    New Zealand:

    Visitor/Transit: Lil bro of Australia, If you have a valid Australian Visa, you can stay up to 30 days.


    Visit/Transit: if you hold a Green card, you do not need a visa otherwise you need a Visa.


    Visit/Transit: Visa needed no matter what. Very rude embassy.


    Visit/Transit: Visa needed.


    No Visa Needed if you have a Green card in Hand and valid National Passport.

    Visa is needed if you have Refugee Travel Document and even a green card

    They do not recognize the Rentry Permit.


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Question: I have a Refugee Travel Document and I am visiting Germany which doesn't require a visa. Can I land in Germany and travel all over Europe?

    Answer: If you do that, be prepared to be turned back to Germany since you do not have a schegen visa. Many members including me have travelled to Europe once entering Germany but it may be pure luck or just the policies that European Police do not know. I would advise if you want to feel safe, apply for a visa. If you do not give rat's ass, then go to germany
    and travel Europe get a visa...If you do-not-give-a-damn-what-the-cops-say then proudly show your RTD when asked for a visa and say "keine visa"
    Thats NO visa in German.

    Question: My RTD expires in 2 month, Can i travel to Germany, Ireland or Singapore without a Visa?

    Answer: I have travelled germany with less than 2 months on my RTD and no problems but what if the snow-storm of the century hits Europe and you are burried..Then what huh?

    Question: I am going to apply for a schegen Visa but where do I get the Insurance?

    Answer: Google for insurance or your local American Express can give you insurance also for few bucks.

    Question: I have a Rentry Permit. Do I need a visa, Can i go to germany without one?

    Answer: NOt so fast mister. Rentry Permit technically means you are taking a leave of absence from U.S and Germany requires a visa. Even though both Rentry Permit and RTD look the same, inside the booklet, it is clearly written, Rentry permit rather than Refugee Travel Document.

    Question: I just came back from Germany and I feel like going back again in a week. Can I?

    Answer: Wow you must be loaded. Yes you can go every week for the rest of your life as long as you have a valid RTD with 2 months left for expiry(say that fast now). Germans only care that you have a valid RTD And they rarely look at when you entered or left the country.
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  2. nasrmobin

    nasrmobin New Member

    I am keep telling every one every day, that you are the BEST!!

    Thanks A lot, Please make it Sticky:d
  3. cadel

    cadel Registered Users (C)

  4. missingyou

    missingyou Registered Users (C)

    ?Big Question Mark?

    Does it affect your future Citizenship with using NP now for travelling????

    Especially with those visa stamps.....
  5. opinion

    opinion Registered Users (C)


    Visitor Visa:
    If you have a RTD and NO GREEN CARD IN HAND. You can not enter France. Period. France only issues visas to RTD holders with a Green card. "

    My husband came back from France about 2 months age. He is RTD HOLDER WITHOUT GC and was proved and recieved Shengen visa in 2 weeks with no problems. Travelled to France and Germany. This is the fact of real life!!!!!!!
  6. wantmygcnow

    wantmygcnow Volunteer Moderator

    Thank you opinion. I called the embassy in WAshington D.C and they said they dont issue a visa on RTD if you have no GC...where did your husband get his visa?
  7. opinion

    opinion Registered Users (C)

    He was issued Shengen visa in France Consulate in NYC.
    Here what I found on the official site www.consulfrance-newyork.org
    "No long stay visa can be issued in a Refugee Travel Document or Reentry Permit", but short stay visa can be issued, and this kind of visa got my husband I guess.
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  8. cadel

    cadel Registered Users (C)

    I live in NYC and my application for visa had been rejected in july 2005 because I had RTD with no GC.Your husband got lucky to meet a nice clerk.

    RD Aug 22,2001
    Approved Sep 15,2005
    GC received Sep 20,2005
  9. bornTwice

    bornTwice Registered Users (C)


    I truly appreciate your time and effort to reseach, compile and make these valuable info available to us.

    I am planning to travel to China by Fall quarter. Is there anything in particular I should know about travel to China, Visa, RTD, GC, etc?

    Thanks again

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  10. bringslite

    bringslite Registered Users (C)

    As far as Mexico, if you drive in from San Diego, no one asks you for any visa. The gates are wide open :D
  11. cadel

    cadel Registered Users (C)

  12. pbeshai

    pbeshai Registered Users (C)

    Thanks want'
    Can you please advise how easy or hard it is to obtain eastern european countries' Visas
  13. missingyou

    missingyou Registered Users (C)

    What about apply for Schengen Visa at French consulate with Re-entry Permit + GC??? Do they recognize Reentry Permit?

    Just curious for now, but I am planning on going to France and Germany, maybe England as well, later this year or next year.
  14. jmyeosf

    jmyeosf Registered Users (C)

    What kind of documentation required for transit visa?
  15. Paramvir1

    Paramvir1 Registered Users (C)

    am leaving for thailand tomorrow.they issued me a visa with single entry.now am also planning to visit phillippines with in this trip.let me tell you berief itinerary for this trip.
    lve sfo 6th
    arrival in thailand 8th
    then lve for manila on 17th
    and come back in bangkok on21st
    and lve on same day to sfo.
    do you guys think thai immigration will give me troubles..?cuz i hav just single entry.but am not planning to step outside of the airport.
    what other options i have..?
    thanx in advance for sharing your experienced knowledge.
  16. opinion

    opinion Registered Users (C)

    any one know the visa requirements for Italy? In their web site said nothing about RTD.
  17. ccordova624

    ccordova624 Registered Users (C)

    I got an schegen visa in the italian consulate with my RTD (no GC yet) and my port of entry was Paris, France and I had no problems... they stamped my RTD, they asked me how long I was going to be in France and I told me a week or so... they looked the RTD and asked me no more questions. They also stamped my exit....
  18. ccordova624

    ccordova624 Registered Users (C)

    Visa to Italy

    You do need an "schegen visa" visa for Italy. Last year I visited Rome and I got my visa in the Italian consulate in SF. I called them to make sure I needed and they told me "yes" that every RTD holder needed a visa.
    I used my RTD, and I dont have my GC yet. They didnt ask me if I have a GC or nothing... Altought the people in the consulate were very rude... not only with me but with everybody in general.....
  19. jmyeosf

    jmyeosf Registered Users (C)

    Macau grants instant short term 30 days visa upon entry at point of entry
  20. opinion

    opinion Registered Users (C)

    Visa Requirements For Holders of Travel Documents:

    It is recommended that applicants do not finalize travel plans and arrangements until they are notified about the outcome of their visa applications.

    Passengers with travel documents (Permission to re-enter the United States, Refuge Travel Document, etc.) are required to carry a visa.

    1. Single transit visas: clearance for only one entry, over a maximum three month period. Duration of stay may not exceed thirty days. FEE: 26$ US

    2. Double transit visas: Clearance for two entries over a three month period. Duration of stay during each entry cannot exceed thirty days. FEE: $53 US

    Application should be submitted at least six weeks before departure.

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