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Dear Rajiv ji,
I and my wife got Immigrant visa(I551 stamped on passport) recently based on Employment category using Consular processing(Validity of 6 months).
My wife is pregnant and may have to delay arrival into US untill baby is born in India which may be well close to immigrant visa expiry date.In that case,She will be able to travel only after new immigrant visa is issued.
What is the process to get immigrant visa(I551) re-stamp in her passport? Who will sponsor this visa?
I also heard that new born child will be automatically given green card at arrival of US POE.
Do we need any kind of document/stamping from US consulate in India?
Lastly,Is it a problem if the company who sponsored me for US green card does not pay me for few months while i arrive and live in US due to project unavailability?

Thanks a lot as always,
Mr. Khanna,

First of all, thank you so much for creating this forum and giving all of us a hand of help during asylum process!

My questions are:
- Am eligible to travel within US territory (including Puerto and Virgin Islands) while my case is pending?
- If yes, what documentation would you recommend to bring with me?

I have my valid state drivers license that I use during my trips. I applied for political asylum last August and still didn't get called for the interview. I got my work authorization and found the job that requires me to travel a lot. So far I didn't have any problems, but my next trip is scheduled for St. Thomas and Puerto Rico. I know that those considered to be US territories, but I'm still worried if it's ok for me to go. I went to my local asylum office and they told me it's fine, I can go. But just to be on the safe side, I would like to ask your professional opinion because I'm not sure if the lady at asylum office was knowledgeable enough at this matter to give me right answer.
Thanks a lot!
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