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This question does not need to wait for the conference. I see no reason for you to be considered out of status or for you to not to be able to transfer, even with the incorrect passport number, Kishore ji.
Hi Rajivji, this might be simple question for you. This is all my contract says about termination-
''This agreement shall be effective for a three-year term when all signatures have been
affixed to the agreement, until ----2015 . The Corporation may terminate the
agreement without notice for cause and may terminate the agreement immediately in the
event of financial exigency. Intention to renew or not to renew this Physician Service
Agreement shall be provided by each party in writing to the other party at least ninety (90)
days prior to the expiration of this Service Agreement.''

So does this mean if I decide to leave in the middle of contract, I have to give 90 days notice or it is just for renewal or non renewal.
As they have not specified anything about the employee termination the contract.
Hi Rajiv, my sister had lived in the US for 13 years (through undergrad and employment) when she decided to return to India permanently in May 2012. At that time her Green Card application was being processed. As expected, she recently received a denial on her case. She would like to come and visit me in the US. Is she eligible to apply for a visit visa? if yes, what are her chances of getting it? Also, she is applying to universities for her masters. Would she be eligible to apply for a student visa if granted admission to a US university?
Hi Rajiv:
Thanks for this informative website. I am a GC holder (received 1.5 yrs back) and in the need of applying for a Re-entry permit. I received my Green card in EB13 (multinational manager) as part of consular processing. Post receiving my green card, I have stayed in US for around 12 +months (with 2 trips in between but not stayed continuously for 1 yr). With my current family situation (old parents) in India, i would like to apply for a re-entry permit in my upcoming trip. My questions are:

1) Post Re-entry permit, in case i get married in India during this 2 yr period, can my spouse come on work visa or student visa OR the F2A visa is only option? The current waitime for F2A has moved to around 2 yrs (As per Jun Visa newsletter) and not sure what it would be later. If the spouse already had a student/Work Visa before marriage, can it be used? Are there alternative options to bring spouse for GC holders?

2) Post Re-entry permit, in case i need to make short trips to US in between for a few weeks, will this still keep my current re-entry permit valid?

3) Can the F2A be applied while i am in India on my Re-entry permit?
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