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H1B Extension

Hi Rajiv,

Thank you so much for your help and guidance . I have a couple of questions regarding H1b Extension process:-
1. My H1B visa is being expired in July 2014. How soon can I apply for H1B Extension in premium process?
2. My passport validity is till Sept 2016 and I 140 is approved. If my employer file H1B extension, will I be eligible for 3 years of extension or till the expiry of my passport? Will I get I 94 card with 3 years of validity even my passport is being expired in Sept 2016 ?
3. Is Client Letter required for extension process or Can we use vendor letter with contract If client doesn't provide the letter ?

GC process initiation for a recent entrant to US


I have a little less than a year H1B and my employer is willing to proceed with my GC -EB2 process.

1. Is it the good time to start at such an early stage;

I am from VA basis my project location; I will move out soon to another project location;

2. Does the state matter in terms of the success rate of the process.
3. Does frequent movements for my project basis job will affect the GC process
4. What are the critical things to take care to avoid an RFE

Thanks in advance and highly obliged for the guidance.