VERY URGENT : Query while filling 160 for H1 extension stamping


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Some background about me. I joined service based company in India in June 2010. I got my H1 stamped in 2011 having validity from October 2011 to Sept 2012. I got onsite assignment in June 2012 and came to US(First visit to US). I got my H1 extension done in September for validity from oct 2012 to sept 2013. After I got extension, I changed the job and joined US based company after H1 transfer.

Now I am planning to visit india in January for a month and because of extension I need to go for stamping. While filling 160 form I had below question.

1. What should I write as Home and Mailing address in Personal section? Should I write my current US home address or should I write my India Home address because at the time of stamping I would be in India.

2. What should I mention for Question "Have you made specific travel plans?" in Travel section? I do have my return tickets.
- If I select "Yes" to this question, it asks me for the arrival date in US which I can provide based on my ticket. But it also asks for Date of departure from US which I obviously do not have. So what should I put there?
- If I select "No" to this question, it asks for tentative date of arrival to US which again I can put based on ticket. But then it asks for the duration of stay. What should I put as a duration of stay in US? Also if I put No, then while stamping will it create doubt in counselor's mind that I have gone for vacation and dont have specific plan?

Can you please guide what option should I select Yes/No based on above situations?

3. While providing information about my previous company what should I write as company name and address? Because this service based company hired me in india and after couple of years I traveled to US. Should I put company's address of India or US because when I joined US based company I was in US for that service based company?

Can you please resolve my above doubts? I need to fill my 160 form today so its bit urgent.