USCIS Rejects 485 stating PD not current


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see signature for details. Wonder if anyone has encountered a similar situation. Basically my I 485 was filed after the OCT '06 visa bulletin was published stating my PD is current and hence eligible for 485 application.
Consequently, lawfirm filed my 485 and they got word 43 days later that 485 application was rejected because PD was not current!!!! Lawfirm proceeded to file the application with attachement in large print showing PD is indeed current.
A question I have is what impact will this have on RD? Will I be able to get the earlier RD or it'll be 2 months or so from 11/7 (when it was filed given the current time for generating receipt notices). Does this mean in essence because of the lawfirm being (over efficient) I have lost 45 days or so?
I really think the USCIS should publish a new report showing days it takes them to generate receipts for cases :D

On another note, say if one has a h1B approval extension valid for 2 more years, is it advisable to try to get H1B stamp rather than wait for Advanced parole?

I appreciate your advice on these questions.


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Your mail arrived in USCIS too early. RD and also PD is the date they received your package, not the date they issued receipt. So I think, you may not take back the lost 43 days. It is your lawyer's fault.